Ridge Road, Sutton

ICB have completed an all-encompassing service to aid the new build of six, three bedroom semi-detached super houses in Ridge Road, Sutton. Particularly chosen thanks to their ability to match the build’s modern look and requirement for high performance waterproofing, ICB supplied the majority of all the products on the garages and roofs of the new build – including Fibertite, XTEVA, Cappings and Powder Coating for cappings and windows.

The new family-size town houses were designed to be fresh and modern, meaning that any products utilised for the build had to match that remit. When looking to source cappings and their coatings, the most attractive solutions that are also low-maintenance and weatherproof were the obvious choices. ICB Fabrications supplied aluminium cappings and their unrivalled Powder Coating which matched the requested colour for the build and offered a super smooth finish.

240m2 of Fibertite Single Ply Membrane was laid as the waterproofing membrane while ICB also supplied a Diadem Green Roof which provided an attractive finish along with insulation and sound proofing benefits.

The Diadem green roof, built with locally sourced turf, is also adding extra waterproof protection to the roof, while the insulation benefits will help to lower heating costs and carbon emission.

XTEVA – ICB’s superior thermoplastic roofing membrane was applied to the garage roof. Its long lifespan, flexibility and UV resistance made it perfect for the exposed garage roof and was quick and easy to apply, insuring that the project was completed on time.

All roofing was expertly installed by roofing contractor Scott Strathern and ICB insured that all products met their high standards through their ICB Quality Control Inspectors.

The six new three-bedroom houses were unveiled in January 2013 and ICB helped to create a modern house, in both look and waterproofing performance.

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